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Do You Guarantee I Will Find A Thai Wife?

Posted on: August 24th, 2012 by Nathamon Madison 3 Comments

Can We Guarantee You’ll Find A Thai Wife?

We’d love to guarantee you’ll find a Thai wife! After-all, wouldn’t your loneliness and melancholy slip away with a beautiful Thai wife at your side? Undoubtably it would. Your dreams can still come true! There are many beautiful and well-educated young women in Thailand who would be delighted to meet a man just like you. We can’t guarantee you’ll find a Thai wife BUT we do guarantee there are Thai women here to meet you and they are just as they say in their profile.

How Do We Find A Thai Wife For You?

How can we make that guarantee? The answer is quite simple. We actually meet and interview each of our Platinum level ladies. That’s right, in order to achieve Platinum status our ladies have to go through a screening process which involves a live interview with our staff. In that way we make sure each lady is an honest, sincere Thai woman and is eligible for a relationship. We do the hard work for you. Then it’s up to you to choose the woman you’d like as your Thai wife.

What happens at a typical interview? First we sit and chat for awhile. We get to know the lady and what she cares about. We listen to her family background and her goals in life. We listen to her talk about the kind of man she is looking for. We verify that the information she lists in her profile is accurate.

A Nice Photo Is Important When You’re Looking For A Thai Wife.

Could she be your Thai wife?

Your Thai Wife is waiting for you.

The next step is typically a photo session. A good profile shows clear and crisp photos of the subject. The photos should also be recent photos. By using our in-house photography studio we make sure all these elements are covered. Old photos taken with camera phones or point and shoot cameras are frequently blurry or have bad lighting. By taking professional photos in our studio we can guarantee the woman you see in the profile is exactly the same woman you will meet when you visit us on your quest for a Thai wife.

After we’ve met and reviewed her background information, and completed the photo session, we’ll typically invite the ladies to stay for lunch with our staff. This is an excellent time to see them “with their hair down” so to speak. We enjoy some good food and some good laughs and when they leave the office, they leave as friends. Unlike other websites, our ladies are not just anonymous internet profiles, they are genuine people we know personally.

You Have A Great Chance Of Success!

You know the greatest thing about the Thai ladies you will meet here? Each of them has expressed an interest in you! When you sign up for our dating events you’ll peruse our ladies’ profiles to choose the ones you’d like to meet. We then contact those ladies who will, in return, review your profile and decide if they’d like to return your interest. If they do, we then set a date for two people who have agreed they have an interest in each other. What could be easier?

For more information on how to find your Thai wife using our Thai Lady Dating Events service click here.

After-all, isn’t this what you’ve been looking for? You’ll meet genuine, beautiful ladies who are interested in you. That’s a recipe for success. That’s a recipe to find the lovely Thai wife of your dreams.

How Do I Know The Thai Ladies Are Real?

Posted on: August 24th, 2012 by Nathamon Madison No Comments

How Do I Know The Thai Ladies Are Real?

You love Thai ladies but you don’t want to be scammed. That’s a reasonable request. Unfortunately, many dating sites don’t guarantee the genuineness of their participants. That is what sets us apart from all the others. When you see the profiles of our sensational Thai ladies you can be certain each and every one is real.

How Can I Be Certain The Thai Ladies On Your Site Are Real?

It’s simple really. Nathamon meets and personally interviews each of our Thai ladies when they apply for platinum status. Their application is only approved if Nathamon deems them to meet the platinum status criteria. In this way Nathamon gets to know each of the Thai ladies personally and can guarantee each profile is genuine.

What Criteria Do The Thai Ladies Need To Be Platinum Ladies?

Nathamon wants to make sure each of the Thai ladies you will meet is a respectable woman with a good background. She inquires about their work and educational background as well as their family life. Of course, the main criteria for the Thai ladies to be approved as platinum is that they be single and ready for a new relationship.

Why Are All The Thai Ladies On Your Site So Beautiful?

That’s Thailand! We don’t have to go fishing for beautiful Thai ladies. They walk right through our front door all the time! And what’s more, many of them are university educated and working in professional jobs. They have well-rounded lives but they feel incomplete because they don’t have a sincere, honest man like you. Most Thai ladies crave a loving relationship with a good man.

I’m Ready To Meet Some Thai Ladies. What’s My Next Step?

You’re ready to meet our sensational Thai ladies? We’re ready to help you. Simply click the button on your right to receive our free, no obligation information pack. It’s chock full of stories detailing successful dating ventures with Thai ladies as well as everything you need to know to get the process started. Of course, should you like to expedite the procedure, all you need to do is call our office during business hours in Thailand. The number is listed below. You’ll soon be on your way to meeting the most wonderful Thai ladies you can imagine.