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Do You Guarantee I Will Find A Thai Wife?

Posted on: August 24th, 2012 by Nathamon Madison 3 Comments

Can We Guarantee You’ll Find A Thai Wife?

We’d love to guarantee you’ll find a Thai wife! After-all, wouldn’t your loneliness and melancholy slip away with a beautiful Thai wife at your side? Undoubtably it would. Your dreams can still come true! There are many beautiful and well-educated young women in Thailand who would be delighted to meet a man just like you. We can’t guarantee you’ll find a Thai wife BUT we do guarantee there are Thai women here to meet you and they are just as they say in their profile.

How Do We Find A Thai Wife For You?

How can we make that guarantee? The answer is quite simple. We actually meet and interview each of our Platinum level ladies. That’s right, in order to achieve Platinum status our ladies have to go through a screening process which involves a live interview with our staff. In that way we make sure each lady is an honest, sincere Thai woman and is eligible for a relationship. We do the hard work for you. Then it’s up to you to choose the woman you’d like as your Thai wife.

What happens at a typical interview? First we sit and chat for awhile. We get to know the lady and what she cares about. We listen to her family background and her goals in life. We listen to her talk about the kind of man she is looking for. We verify that the information she lists in her profile is accurate.

A Nice Photo Is Important When You’re Looking For A Thai Wife.

Could she be your Thai wife?

Your Thai Wife is waiting for you.

The next step is typically a photo session. A good profile shows clear and crisp photos of the subject. The photos should also be recent photos. By using our in-house photography studio we make sure all these elements are covered. Old photos taken with camera phones or point and shoot cameras are frequently blurry or have bad lighting. By taking professional photos in our studio we can guarantee the woman you see in the profile is exactly the same woman you will meet when you visit us on your quest for a Thai wife.

After we’ve met and reviewed her background information, and completed the photo session, we’ll typically invite the ladies to stay for lunch with our staff. This is an excellent time to see them “with their hair down” so to speak. We enjoy some good food and some good laughs and when they leave the office, they leave as friends. Unlike other websites, our ladies are not just anonymous internet profiles, they are genuine people we know personally.

You Have A Great Chance Of Success!

You know the greatest thing about the Thai ladies you will meet here? Each of them has expressed an interest in you! When you sign up for our dating events you’ll peruse our ladies’ profiles to choose the ones you’d like to meet. We then contact those ladies who will, in return, review your profile and decide if they’d like to return your interest. If they do, we then set a date for two people who have agreed they have an interest in each other. What could be easier?

For more information on how to find your Thai wife using our Thai Lady Dating Events service click here.

After-all, isn’t this what you’ve been looking for? You’ll meet genuine, beautiful ladies who are interested in you. That’s a recipe for success. That’s a recipe to find the lovely Thai wife of your dreams.

How Many Dates Can I Go On To Find My Thai Love?

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What If I Don’t Meet My Thai Love Right Away?

How Many Dates Can I Go On?
There is no limit! It’s true! You can go on as many dates as you’d like during your membership period. Take as much time as it takes to find the Thai love of your life.

How Does It Work?
You’ll fly into Bangkok and we’ll pick you up at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. After you’ve had time to rest and rejuvenate from your travels we’ll begin the process of finding your Thai love. There’s no rush and there’s no pressure.

We’ll have your dates organized and ready to go when you’re ready. The ladies will be those you’ve told us you want to meet. You won’t have to sweat any of the details, you’ll just concentrate on getting to know the ladies.

Finding your special Thai love will never be boring.

Date As Many Girls As It Takes To Find True Thai Love.

I’ve Met My Thai Love.  Can I Make Changes To The Schedule?

When you finish your dates we can organize more for you or if you’ve met a lady you like we can arrange another date with her. There’s no limit on the amount of dates you can go on. We’ve had some clients go on five dates in one day!

The schedule is totally up to you. If you meet your Thai love on your first date we can cancel your other dates. If you don’t feel a connection on your first round of dates we’ll plan another round for you. Love happens when it happens, it can’t be rushed. But we’re going to be there to support you every step of the way.

It Seems Overwhelming.

When you go to a foreign country it can be a little overwhelming. There’s a new culture to know and different laws to follow. Unless you’re fluent in Thai you can’t even read the street signs! But don’t worry.

Our team is here to support and guide you all the way. We’ll make sure you’re prepared to deal with the nuances of dating in a different culture and we’ll make sure your visit is safe and fun.

Is Meeting My Thai Love Really That Easy?

Indeed it is. Why not find out for yourself? Give our office a call or push the “express your interest” button.  You can also learn more about us here.  We’d love to hear from you. We’ll then send you a complete information packet at no cost and no obligation. It could be the start of a marvelous change in your life. Who knows? Your Thai love could out there waiting for you now.

I’d Like A Thai Date. Why Is It Better To Be Promoted To The Ladies By Your Service?

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Why Is It Better To Be Promoted To Find A Thai Date?

A Thai date has traditionally been different than a date in the west. In Thailand, good girls would never think of approaching a man by themselves, and a proper Thai man would never instigate a date directly with a Thai girl. The normal course of action would be for a trusted friend or family member of the woman to recommend she meet you.

Do I Need An Intermediary On My First Thai Date?

In the past, there was always an intermediary of some sort. That allowed the woman to save face and maintain her honor. These ancient traditions still hold sway in today’s Thailand. If you’d like to meet a quality Thai lady it’s better to be introduced by someone. Knowing and acting in accordance with local culture is one way to make sure things go well on your first Thai date.

I’d Like To Go On A Thai Date. How Can You Give Me A Head Start?

We know each of our platinum ladies personally. We’ve met them and we talk on a first name basis. They trust us to act as an intermediary for them. When we promote a man to our ladies they feel confident we’ve screened him and identified a sincere man. They trust us to set up a good date for them, just as they would trust a close relative or friend. In this way, we’ve already helped you gracefully navigate the culture before your first Thai date.

With Our Help Your Thai Date Will Be Great.

A good intermediary knows how to match couples for an enjoyable Thai date.

How Do I Know My Thai Date Will Go Well?

Keep in mind, our ladies aren’t the type to go to bars or resorts looking for Western men. They have friends, families and careers that keep them busy. But through it all they desire one thing more than anything else; An honest, sincere man to share their life with.

You can be that man. When you’ve joined our dating events you’ll see many sensational Thai women looking for a Western man just like you. You can talk to them. Your chances of meeting a compatible partner are excellent. Start now to schedule your first Thai date and change the course of your life for the better.

Who Is Nathamon? Can She Find A Thai Partner For Me?

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Can Nathamon Help Me Find A Thai Partner?

Nathamon is the perfect person to help you find a Thai partner. She’s an expert in the field of Thai/Westerner relationships. Nathamon, besides being in love with a Westerner for 8 years, has written several books on the subject of romance between the cultures and has several informational DVDs.

As the owner of Meet Me Now Bangkok Co. Ltd. Nathamon understands the powerful forces that attract Thai ladies and Western men to each other. In short, there is no one better to help you find a sensational Thai partner.

Why is Meet Me Now Bangkok Co. Ltd. So Special?

Finding you the wonderful Thai partner you are looking for is Nathamon’s life’s work. And really, that’s what makes Meet Me Now Bangkok Co. Ltd. so special. We’re not a bland internet dating page where you’re left on your own after paying your membership fees. No No No, We’re a real company, with a real location in Bangkok, and with real people working for your best interests.

Want to talk with someone about the dating adventure you’re contemplating? It’s as simple as calling our office during business hours (in Thailand). You won’t get a call center in another country, you’ll talk to our friendly staff, or Nathamon herself if you like!

What Can Nathamon Do For Me?

A lot! Nathamon has met each of our platinum ladies and knows them personally. She knows what the ladies are looking for and, when she knows what you’re looking for, she is very adept at matching you with a terrific Thai partner. Chances are very good that after speaking with you Nathamon will already have several potential matches in mind to get you started.

You'll Smile Big When You Marry Your Thai Partner

Nathamon has helped many Western men find the perfect Thai partner!

How Do I Meet My Potential Thai Partner?

That’s Nathamon’s specialty! It’s natural to be nervous about going to a foreign country and maybe even more nerve-wracking to be going on dates with unbelievably beautiful and graceful Thai girls. That’s where Nathamon is at her best. She’s going to get the two of you together in a relaxing environment where you can get to know each other without any pressure.

The MMN team is going to take care of you and make sure you have a safe and fun time in Thailand. The dates will be organized, the locations will be chosen, and the transportation will be provided. Your only job is to be yourself. Then you’ll be well on your way to meeting a fabulous Thai partner.

I’m Ready To Meet A Thai Partner. When Can I Get Started?

You can get started as soon as you’re ready. Why not right now? It’s as simple as clicking the “Express Your Interest Now” button on the top right hand side of this page. We’ll then send you our free information package with everything you need to know to get you started.  You can also read more about our service here.   The great thing is, there’s no obligation whatsoever.

If you just can’t wait, you’re in good company! Many of our Western men are so excited when they discover our service they just have to call. Feel free to do the same thing. We’d love to hear from you and we’ll get your Thai dating event started right away. Once you meet your new Thai partner, life will never be the same.

How Much Does It Cost To Find Thai Love?

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Can You Put A Value On Finding Your True Thai Love?

A true Thai love can be hard to find on your own. Who has the time for that anymore? We’ve decided to make finding your Thai love easy and affordable. How?

First of all, let’s be up front. Most men buy our one year membership package with unlimited dates, a wide selection of girls to choose from and full concierge support for between four and five thousand dollars.

A Thai Wedding Can Be Yours If You Find The Right Thai Love.

Your Thai Love May Be Waiting For You Now. She’s Worth It.

We Help You Find Thai Love According To Your Budget.

Mind you, the package is customizable so the price can vary depending on your particular wants and needs. We can help you find your Thai love no matter which package you choose.

Is our package good value for the money? You bet! Think about what you WON’T have to do. You won’t have to scour the internet looking for the right woman. We do that for you by matching you with pre-approved women who are all guaranteed eligible and available and waiting for a man just like you.

Where Will I Take My Thai Love?

You won’t have to research romantic places to go on your dates. All that is covered in our service. We already know great places to go in Bangkok for fantastic dates. We will arrange the dates at mutually agreeable times and we’ll provide the transportation you need to get there and back safely without any worries.

You won’t even have to plan your schedule! You just fly into Bangkok, get some rest, and we’ll take care of the rest. Finding Thai love couldn’t be easier. From transportation to gift suggestions to unlimited dates we do it all for you included in your membership. We save you time, money, and hassle. That’s why men say our service is so affordable. In this busy world who has time to do all that leg work themselves?

Will My Thai Love Interests Be Just As I See Them Online?

Even if you did have time to spare you’d have to wade through a sea of potential Thai love interests without any guarantee of finding the kind of women you’re looking for. There are no worries like that here. The platinum members you’ll meet have all passed a rigorous process to earn their platinum status. They are guaranteed to be just as they say they are in their profile. They’ll be every bit as gorgeous as they are in their pictures and every bit as available as your dreams can imagine.

Bangkok is THE place to find your Thai love. Plan your next trip to The Land of Smiles and we’ll take care of the rest for you. Finding your Thai love can be that easy and that affordable.

Where Is Your Thai Dating Service Located?

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Where Is Your Thai Dating Service Located?

It may seem obvious. We’re located in Thailand. But actually, many of the websites involved in Thai dating have head offices outside the country of Thailand! That’s an important difference between us and our competition in the Thai dating world. We specialize in personal service.

We’re a local Thai dating business with an office in downtown Bangkok. You’re welcome to drop by on any day. We’re open seven days a week during business hours. We’d love to meet you personally.

What Is The Address of Your Thai Dating Service?

Our actual address is:

Meet Me Now Bangkok Co.Ltd.
33/7 Soi Pipat 2
Silom Road, Bangkok 10500

Our location will show up in google maps if you need specific directions.

Why Did You Choose Bangkok For Your Thai Dating Service?

We need to be in Bangkok to run an effective Thai dating service. Bangkok is the hub of everything that happens in Thailand. And more than that it’s a great source of sensational Thai ladies looking for Western men.

When you arrive for your Thai dating tour you’ll see just how effective it is to have a great home office location in Thailand. The central location in the heart of Bangkok means we have many options when it comes to organizing your Thai dating tour. The office location also is important because it’s easy for our Thai ladies to find and it’s a good jumping off point to start your Thai dating adventure.

Do I Have Options When Planning My Thai Dating Tour?

From our office we’ll plan local dates to various locations. There are so many great things to do in a city the size of Bangkok that we can customize your tour to do the kinds of things you’re interested in. Or if you like, you can choose to be pleasantly surprised by the activities our office staff set up for you on your Thai dating event.

Thai dating for the first time could make you little nervous. That’s understandable. The trepidation can be a bit higher if someone else is setting you up on your dates. Well, the best way to feel comfortable is to meet the third party. For that reason we invite you to call or visit us in our office anytime. After-all, isn’t it time you find the happiness you deserve? A Thai dating event with us will start you on your way.